Thanksgiving Randomness

We are in full Thanksgiving mode in Mrs. Plant's classroom. Even though Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving comes close, especially at school. I love everything about it!
We have our tee-pee up {and please don't send me hate mail about it...I know the Indians at the first Thanksgiving didn't live in's just for fun ;)} and the kids love reading our Thanksgiving books in it!
We've been reading lots of Thanksgiving stories and today read one of my all time favorites!! If you don't have A Turkey for Thanksgiving, you have to check it out! Such a sweet story with a surprise ending that the kids love! We used the book to talk about setting {it's great for inferring the setting because the pictures have good details} and we also used it to practice sequencing. {This is part of my Thanksgiving Sequence Pack}

In ELA, we're working on visualizing, so I got some inspiration from Abby and made this little anchor chart.
Then, I read this cute Thanksgiving poem by Jack Prelutsky {love him!} and had the kids draw their visualization.

We've also been having fun in math with all things Thanksgiving. My friend Deeanna put together some super fun activities for us..
Making 10 with Pilgrims on and off the Mayflower...we played on the floor ten frame first then use individual work mats. The next day, we practiced making 10 with the Pilgrims, but with a math stick.

Another activity the kids loved was using corn to make 10. We used individual ten frames and wrote equations to find how many more we needed to make 10. The kids loved using real corn!
He really was having fun...I promise!

The corn was such a hit that we used it to practice one-to-one correspondence. I loved that one of my sweeties went up and used our ten frames and numbers to make sure she was gluing the correct amount!

We could've stopped there with all the 'corny-ness" {sorry!!}, but my sweet friend Kelley let me get a sneak peek at one of her newest creations and we loved it!! The kids colored part of their ten frame orange and part red to make Indian corn, then wrote their tens fact equation. I even let them use the sharpies - they thought they hit the big time! Her pack is full of tens facts fun, so check it out here!

I also got some help from Caitlin and her November pack, which is awesome if  you don't have it! The kids loved making these Mayflower puzzles to help us practice counting by tens!
This week, we're using some of Deeanna's math activities from her Thanksgiving math pack. Today, we traced our hands to reinforce the number 10 and then ordered numbered Indians on our fingers. The kids loved tracing their hands!

That's it for today...I'm off to get home before dark {I'm not a fan of the time change!!}. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your visualize anchor chart, that is one of our comprehension skills (oh, duh, you know that, lol!!). Gotta do that tomorrow!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love your visualize anchor chart! I also think the corn frames will go great with our pumpkins and our scarecrows! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  3. You always do the cutest activities with your kids!!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  4. I L-O-V-E your "visualize" recording page for kids!! Is it in a pack on TPT or are you willing to share?
    Thanks a bunch

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