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My name is Vickie Plant and I LOVE teaching kindergarten!! I have always wanted to be a teacher and as soon as I started mentoring under a kindergarten teacher as part of our gifted program in high school, kindergarten has had my heart!
I graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, AL in 2004, so I just finished up my 10th year teaching {all in K}. I began in Florida and taught for 5 years, then moved to Louisiana and taught 2 years. The past 3 years, I've been back in Florida teaching, but living in Alabama. I have one daughter, who is 1 1/2 and the joy of my heart! I don't blog as often as I once did, but you can always find me on Instagram and Facebook!
I love teaching and all things primary! I hope you will be able to get a few ideas from this blog as well as give me some of yours!


  1. Its nice to meet you. I am your newest follower and love your blog. It is so cute and you have some very creative ideas.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. I just started following you! I love your cute blog! I nominated you for an award over on my blog come check it out at, kindergartenkidlets.blogspot.com

  3. Vickie, I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! This is my fourth year of teaching (all K!) and I simply do not know HOW you find the time to do this on top of our BUSY career, ha-ha :) but am BEYOND impressed and will look forward to my time off every vacation in which I will be able to browse (and "pin!") every part of it! Thank you for sharing your incredible work...you are an inspirational teacher!! All the best to you! ~Celina from Portland, Maine :)

  4. Love the St. Patrick's ideas....going to check out the packet...might be a thing I need for this Irish Kinder teacher :)

    Mrs. O'Neill - Nebraska


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