Today was our 100th day and we had so much fun, but I am exhausted!!

You can get the Roll to 100 recording page here.
Today, we started some new groundhog math centers from my Groundhog Games packet as well as started playing Where is the Sun?
**Sorry for the mess up in the slide...I don't put the ten frame cards on the board. I use the numeral was a long day! However, numeral and ten frame cards are in my pack. You can find my Groundhog Games pack here. Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased it! I'm still amazed that the things I make are able to help other teachers! Be back tomorrow with all our 100th day kids are CRAZY excited!
Our 100th day of school is Tuesday and we are so excited! I've been trying to get some things ready this weekend and thought I would go ahead and share a few of the things we're going to do. You can download my 100th day pack (for free) by clicking on the picture. It's nothing fancy, just a couple of things I thought I would share.  I hope to be back Tuesday to share lots of our 100th day fun!
Have a great weekend! 

**Fonts are DJ Inkers 

This week was all about's a peek at what we did

You can find the Tacky pattern here. Have a great weekend...and if you're trying to work ahead, you can find my Groundhog Games here and my new Valentine's pack here.
I am so excited! I finally finished my Valentine's pack of language arts and math activities! I am still thinking of more things to add, but I'm posting it now and will probably post some freebies later :). Here's a little preview. You can click on the picture to grab it from my TPT store. 

You will get an emergent reader, sight word game, CVC word game, 4 literacy centers, writing prompts, 2 math centers, ten frame/numeral cards with 10!! variations of games, number dice, chocolate candy graphing activity, and heart measurement activity. I can't wait to use this with my class!!

Also, my new blogger friend (who leaves me the nicest comments), Julia is having a giveaway. Hurry and click here so you can enter!

I will send the first person to comment on this post a copy of this pack if you will review it and give me some feedback...don't forget to leave me your email :).   Thanks Lori..I just emailed you and would love your opinion!
This week, I introduced 3D shapes to my kiddos. We still have a way to go to remember those tricky names, but we're working on it!

Here is the 3D shapes recording page. Anyone have any great ideas for teaching 3D shapes?
Thank you so much to Laura at Kinder Kraziness for featuring me on Someone New Sunday and thank you to all my new followers! Hopefully, you'll be able to find something useful here!

Here's a peek at some of our math centers for the week. Sorry for the repeats of some centers....we still need a little bit of practice in some areas. We're also beginning our penguin unit and 3D shape unit, so stay tuned for some pictures!

The Penguin War cards are here (Graphics are DigiWeb Studios). You can find my Mitten Math pack here and if you want to get started on some Groundhog Day centers, you can find my Groundhog Games pack here.

We had so much fun this week with our mitten activities. Here's a little recap of some of the things we did.

For Fran's CVC matching game click here.

For Cara's New Year's pack, click here.

For Abby's inferencing ideas, click here.

For my Mitten/Glove data sheet, click here.

For the Blizzard Sight Word Game, click here.
I finally decided enough was enough finished my Groundhog Games unit and posted it to Teacher's Pay Teacher's.
Here's a little picture preview (I'm not the greatest at making these!) You can click on the picture to go to my TPT store and get the pack (and thank you so much if you do!)

Here are some of the activities that you will find included in the pack: 
*Groundhog Letter Match Literacy Center: Uppercase and lowercase alphabet cards to match plus recording sheet
*Great Groundhog Spelling Literacy Center: CVC picture cards, CVC word cards, and recording sheet to practice spelling CVC words 
*Building Blends with the Groundhog Literacy Center: Blend picture cards and recording sheet to practice beginning blends 
*Groundhog's Super Sounds Literacy Center: Picture cards for basic consonant and short vowel beginning sounds and recording sheet 
*Groundhog Writing: 3 different writing prompts with variations for student picture or just student writing 
*Shadow Sight Word Game: 70 sight words and blank cards included 
*Groundhog Graphing: Whole group header and prediction choices, student cards to make prediction (color and b&w), individual graphing page and 2 variations of data sheet 
*Groundhog Ten Frames: Numeral and ten frame cards 1-20 to play a variety of games including: Memory, War, Number Order (recording sheet), Adding 1 more (recording sheet), and adding 10 more (recording sheet) 
*How Many Groundhogs Math Center: Cards and recording sheet to practice addition facts to 5 
*How Many Groundhogs Emergent Reader: Review sight words I, can, see and numbers 11-20

If you have any questions about the pack, let me know. I can't wait to use it with my kiddos! Happy Almost Friday!

You can find the large group mitten sequence activity here (the graphics are KPM Doodles and fonts are DJ Inkers and Kevin and Amanda) and the Mitten Math pack here. Let me know if it's useful!
I am linking up with Katie at Adventures of a 6th grade Teacher to tell you all about a typical school day for me. 

5:45 - Alarm goes off on my phone...fumble until I hit snooze. Hit snooze about 5 more times. Really need to get back to my getting up and working out before school...can someone send me some motivation?
6:15 - Finally get up. Get in shower.
6:35 - Iron clothes (that I usually have set out, but didn't iron)
6:40 - Turn on coffee, fill water jug (I drink A LOT of water)
6:45 - Dry hair (this takes forever because it's way too long!), put on makeup, get dressed, get breakfast ready, kiss hubby bye, leave
7:10 - Go back in to get phone/jump drive/whatever I left
7:20 - Arrive at school. Put out morning work, scramble to get things ready, go make copies, etc.  
7:50 - Go get kids from lab
7:55 - Kids do morning work, I check folders, email, post attendance (if I remember)
8:10 - Morning Meeting: calendar, daily news, calendar songs
8:30 - Reading/Language Arts Block starts with whole group lesson/activity
9:15 - Start Workshops (literacy centers)...pull guided reading groups while other groups work on centers related to what they're working on in small group
10:45 - Come back to whole group - sing song
10:50 - Snack: Kids listen to HeidiSongs sight word CDs in hopes some of the 110 words we have will sink in
11:10 - Take kids to P.E. (they stay 40 min. then Coach takes them to wheel class) Go make copies, print centers/games on office computer, go to Deeanna's room to talk/plan/eat M&Ms
12:30 - Pick kids up from wheel class (Yes, we have 80 min. planning) Go back to room, play missing number math game, count to 100, count by 10s
12:40 - Lunch: Stay with kids, try to eat lunch while standing up while kids discuss who will get to take my trash
1:15 - Math Lesson/Math Centers
2:15 - Science/S.S./Art/Play centers if we have time
2:45 - Car riders leave
2:55 - 1st load bus riders leave
3:05 - Take 2nd load bus riders to bus...stay for bus duty
3:15-4:00 - Try to get ready for tomorrow, see what everyone forgot to take home, load bag with stuff to cut/make/etc.

Not too exciting, but that's it :)

Now here's a little Valentine's freebie for you. I'm *trying* to get my Valentine's Pack finished before the end of the week, but here's a little real/nonsense word center for you. Just click on the picture to get it. Let me know if you're able to use it....have a great day off or back at school (why isn't everyone off today?)

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