Groundhog Games

I finally decided enough was enough finished my Groundhog Games unit and posted it to Teacher's Pay Teacher's.
Here's a little picture preview (I'm not the greatest at making these!) You can click on the picture to go to my TPT store and get the pack (and thank you so much if you do!)

Here are some of the activities that you will find included in the pack: 
*Groundhog Letter Match Literacy Center: Uppercase and lowercase alphabet cards to match plus recording sheet
*Great Groundhog Spelling Literacy Center: CVC picture cards, CVC word cards, and recording sheet to practice spelling CVC words 
*Building Blends with the Groundhog Literacy Center: Blend picture cards and recording sheet to practice beginning blends 
*Groundhog's Super Sounds Literacy Center: Picture cards for basic consonant and short vowel beginning sounds and recording sheet 
*Groundhog Writing: 3 different writing prompts with variations for student picture or just student writing 
*Shadow Sight Word Game: 70 sight words and blank cards included 
*Groundhog Graphing: Whole group header and prediction choices, student cards to make prediction (color and b&w), individual graphing page and 2 variations of data sheet 
*Groundhog Ten Frames: Numeral and ten frame cards 1-20 to play a variety of games including: Memory, War, Number Order (recording sheet), Adding 1 more (recording sheet), and adding 10 more (recording sheet) 
*How Many Groundhogs Math Center: Cards and recording sheet to practice addition facts to 5 
*How Many Groundhogs Emergent Reader: Review sight words I, can, see and numbers 11-20

If you have any questions about the pack, let me know. I can't wait to use it with my kiddos! Happy Almost Friday!


  1. I LOVE Groundhog Day! This is too cute!


  2. How do you create the picture previews? I've been trying to learn, and I'm not doing so well, lol!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  3. I actually learned this from another blogger, Julia at Loving and Learning in Pre-k. I do everything in PowerPoint, so after I'm done and it's saved, I save it again but as a JPEG. Then, all the slides get saved as pictures in a folder, and you can just insert the pictures into a document (or blank slide). Make any sense?

  4. Yes, it does. I thought it was something like that, was having difficulty because I create things in word. Thanks!!


  5. Thank you!!!!!! It made my preview look 100% better when it was placed on my blog.



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