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Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Peter Rabbit Fun {With a Little Pete the Cat!}

We're still deep in our book study of Peter Rabbit and the kids are loving it!
Yesterday, we read the story again and charted Peter's characteristics and gave evidence from the story that supported the characteristic. The kids are getting really good at this! Then, they each wrote about Peter and we attached a carrot to our writing to "make it a little cute" as one of my sweeties told me!

"Peter was scared because he was in the net."
"Peter Rabbit was sad and he couldn't get out of the garden."
Today, we read the story and worked on a little cause and effect. I gave them something that happened in the story and they had to tell me what the effect was. They did pretty well considering we haven't worked a ton on this skill yet.
When we finished with this, one of my girls said, "Hey, that' like Pete the Cat when his shoes changed colors." So, since we haven't read Pete since the beginning of the year, I dug it out and we read it again, making sure to notice the causes of his shoes turning colors. Then, each of the kids created a "new" page for the story. They loved this!
"Pete the Cat stepped in a pile of leaves and it turned his shoes green."

"Pete the Cat stepped in gum and his shoes turned pink."

"Pete the Cat stepped in some lemons and his shoes turned yellow."
I'm off to get started on our farm unit that we're going to be doing in a few weeks. I am so excited since I haven't taught farm in a few years! Happy almost Friday!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wrapping Up Our Week and a Winner

What a fun week!! Here's how we finished it:

Next week, we'll be doing a few more fairytales, then start our apple unit. Apples and Johnny Appleseed are just about my favorite themes - I LOVE them!! If you need some resources for your apple week, check out my apple pack below.

Also, congrats to Michele - the winner of the My Binding laminator :)!
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Have a great weekend friends! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Number 4 with Pete the Cat and Wolf Comparing!! I can not believe how much my kiddos LOVE Pete the Cat! I think they would sing his songs all day long if I let them! This week, we've been reading about Pete and his 4 groovy buttons, which is great to go along with learning about the number 4 and as a quick intro to subtraction. The kids are having a blast!
We gave our big Pete a shirt with buttons to manipulate while reading/singing the story

We used big buttons to practice adding 1 more and taking 1 away on our number line

Then, we practiced on our own number lines

My super sweet friend Bunnee cut all these Petes for her class, mine and Deeanna's! The kids had so much fun manipulating the buttons, retelling the story, and practicing adding and taking away 1.

We love Pete!

Of course, when all his buttons popped off, he still had a belly button!

We used buttons to put 4 on the ten frame

We also read The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs today and compared the wolf in this story with the wolf in the original story. This activity is in my new pack that you can see here. It worked so well to color code the strips and the kids did really well with comparing!

Happy Wednesday friends...only 2 more days until the weekend :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrapping Up Our Week

We have been working super hard this week on the number 3 and activities to go along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Here's what we've been up to:

We learned about characters and made our anchor chart that will hang in our room throughout the year. We also made a Baby Bear (and practiced our sight word 'a') to help us remember what a character is. 

We also worked more with character when we compared and contrasted Goldilocks in two different versions of the story. Since we're not up to writing a lot yet (and we can't read), I copied things that happened in the stories on different colored paper to help the kids know what we were gluing. It worked out really well.

We practiced position words using Baby Bear and we also sorted chairs, beds, and porridge bowls according to which bear they belonged to, which the kids did really well with. These activities came from Deeanna's pack that you can see here.

 We also used teddy grahams and graham crackers to practice more and less - the kids loved this activity!

Here are some of the other things we did to practice the number three:

We are starting guided reading groups Monday, so I have a ton to do before then. Hopefully I'll be back this weekend to share our literacy centers for next week.