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Ever since I posted about my numbers pack that works on numbers 1-10 {see the post here}, I've gotten lots of emails and messages asking if a pack for numbers 11-20 was in the works. Well, it took for near ever, but I finally finished it and I can't wait to use it in my classroom this semester!
This pack has the exact activities the pack for 1-10 does {plus an extra activity}, so if you own the other pack, the transition to these activities should be easy! Here's a little run-down of what's included:

I love to have my kids represent numbers in a variety of ways and it's something we work on all year. To help with this, we'll use these sorting mats. For each number 11-20, a mat and 12 representation cards are included {you can use the ones that best suit your needs}. The cards include ten frames, tallies, base ten blocks. equations, money, etc.

Along with number representations, I also love doing sorts with my class. Again, it helps them visualize different ways to represent a number and any time I can get them sorting, it's a bonus! There are some times I will have the kids sort cards {there are 6 for each number} between different numbers, and at other times, I'll have them sort whether a card represents a certain number or not.

Along with the colored sorts, there are also some printables to help our kiddos with sorting.
My kids this year also love puzzles, so I created more puzzles in this pack. The ten frame puzzles will match the puzzles from the 1-10 pack if you have it. For the base ten blocks, 1-20 is included in this pack. I really want my kids to be able to quickly look at a ten frame or a group of base ten blocks and know what number they represent, so I hope these help!

 Another area I want my students to really excel in, is making combinations of numbers. Now, in kindergarten, we mainly focus on composing numbers 1-10, but I included these numbers bonds for 11-20 for my higher group and for older grades. I used sequins here {because that's what I had lying around!}, but you could use any seasonal manipulative with these. 
A new addition to this pack {that I hope to go back and add to the other pack} is this Spin and Color/Cover game. It's super easy and I hope it will be a fun way for the kids to practice their number representations in a different way. The kids can either color the number representation or cover it with a manipulative.

The last part of this pack includes a craftivity for each number 11-20, just like the pack for 1-10. For these crafts, I backed them on paper since it was difficult to get both numbers together. I have loved using these for the other numbers, and I can't wait to assess my kids on teen numbers with these cuties!

You can grab all these activities by clicking the picture below:

If you'd like to get it bundled with my other number packs, you can click this picture:

Happy Number Teaching!!


  1. This packet looks great!! I love those little number crafts! :)

  2. Perfect for my special needs, lots-of-remediation son!!!


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