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Happy New Year!! I pray you all had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed spending time with your families - I know I have!
I kind of missed blogging all about our fun during December, and I thought about going back and sharing some pictures, but for now, I think this little blog is going to get a fresh start. To kick that off, I thought I would link up with Erica over at Erica's Ed-Ventures and share my goals for 2015.

There are so many professional goals I have for myself that I want to accomplish over the next few years. This year, however, I really want to present. My friend Deeanna and I presented at the state math conference this year and it was a blast! I would love to do a lot more of it!
Although I've been saying it for years, I really want to start work on my masters in hopes of reaching a long term goal of teaching at the university level one day.
Overall, 2014 was a blessing for me financially. I'm continually blessed and amazed that I'm able to make extra money doing what I love on TpT. Because of the blessing, I was able to save quite a bit this year and open a Roth IRA {I feel so grown up typing that!}. This year, my goal is to open a similar account that will be a college fund for my daughter.
I also want to keep up with tax things in a more organized way, so that it's not so much work at tax time!
This is a big one for me. When I graduated college, I was very heavy. I worked extremely hard to lose weight and get healthy. After a few of life's curve balls and setbacks {and having a baby}, I've slowly let that weight creep back on and I've not made the healthiest choices for myself. I really want to start slowly {so that I don't fall back into bad habits} and work on eating better and being more active. I want my daughter to see me as an example of the right things to do...not eating junk! In addition, I want to take my health more serious and get regular check-ups at the doctor and dentist {that sounds so dorky!}.
My biggest personal goal is to read through the Bible this year. I feel like I am so rushed and so pulled and I truly do not spend enough time in the Word. I'm super excited about using the She Reads Truth App to help me do this!
I also want to get back to blogging regularly. I truly miss it and I want to figure out a balance so that I can at least blog once a week!

There you have it...hopefully I can report back later this year and tell you all these goals are still being thought of and worked on! I'd love to hear some of your new goals for the new year and if you're a blogger, be sure to go link up with Erica!


  1. My family and I were jus talking about reading through the bible this year too! Some of us have done it before and some of us haven't. We talked about using the YouVersion Bible app...but maybe I'll check out the She Reads Truth plan too! I did their Hebrews study a while ago. Prayers for a blessed 2015 for you!

  2. Good for you! Those all sound like wonderful goals. We all need more minutes in the day, don't we? =)
    Best wishes for a fantastic New Year!

  3. As soon as you are set to present, let me know - I would LOVE to come see you (so sad I couldn't make it to the Oct state math training to see you and Deeanna)

  4. I need to eat better to be an example for my girls also. It's so hard being a grown up! :)

  5. Good for you Vickie (financial goals and presenting)!! I pray you continue to reach your goals this upcoming year!!! :)


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