When I started teaching common core math three years ago, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least! So many things were different, and things I had taught forever weren't being taught in kindergarten anymore! The first year was definitely a learning year, but since then, I have fallen in love with teaching math with the common core standards!! {Side note - for anyone who posts the crazy common core math things on facebook, please do me a huge favor and research standards vs. curriculum! ;) }.
I am super lucky to teach with an amazing lady who is genius when it comes to developing math lessons and hands on activities to get our kids excited about math and diving deep into number sense from the beginning. Deeanna {Golden Gang Kindergarten} is a wealth of knowledge and has worked her fanny off the past few years making tons of math resources for us to use. I won't go into detail in this post, but if you're looking for ways to energize your math lessons, check out my math posts along with her blog to see how we make just about everything hands on and ENGAGING!! No paper/pencil teaching here :).
{I borrowed this from her blog!}
In our classrooms, we focus on one number a week. We learn everything about that number...counting on from it, decomposing it, the shape that has that many sides, etc. To go along with our math this year, I was looking for more small group and center activities to really help with our number sense the first semester. We got a new reading series last year, and in the craziness of learning it, my math centers fell off track and I am determined to fix that this year! So, my newest pack was born! Nifty Numbers Part 2 has activities that I can't wait to use with my new group! Here's a little look at what's in it:

Number Mats {These can be differentiated according to what your kids need}
Make The Number {Using number bonds to decompose}

Number Sorts

Number Puzzles {there is also a version with ten frames}

And last, {and my most favorite} I've made these little number guys! I am super excited to use these this year. I plan to make them on Fridays and use them as a little assessment. The kids will use the hands and feet to show me 4 ways to represent the number of the week. Most likely, we'll do the first few weeks together, but I'm hoping by week 3 the kids can show me what they know with relative ease.

I'm really excited to use an alternate form of assessment! While I do use paper/pencil activities, I really prefer the bulk of what we do to be hands on and I think these guys will be the perfect hands on assessment!
Here's an overall peak at what's in the pack

Good news - this pack is discounted through Wednesday night, so be sure to grab it while it's on sale!
Now, I'm off to bed to get my rest for math standards mapping tomorrow. :)
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  1. It looks fabulous Vickie - and already on my wishlist :)
    I hope to hear some tidbits from your math mapping - I love all you make (and blog about). In your class math makes sense for kids - what a wonderful concept!! Have fun at the training!

  2. LOVE the little number cuties! Shared them on my Facebook page here:

  3. So cute and I love the math activities! I am returning to kindergarten after years in Title I. I am wondering when you do your assessing and what are your students doing when you are? Thanks!

  4. This looks awesome! Please let me know when it will be "on sale" again. Thanks!

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