Farm Week!

I know...I'm a terrible blogger so far this year! I haven't *quite* gotten in the groove of teaching, mommying, and blogging again ;)
However, I do want to share a little of what went down in kindergarten last week. We did a VERY simple farm week. I had grand plans of my granddad bringing the tractor and lots of other big things, but it just didn't happen. I think the kids still learned a lot and had fun!
We started the week by reading some fun farm books. Then, we made a little chart of animals on the farm.
Then the kids sorted animals as to whether they live on a farm or not.
One of my favorite farm stories to read is The Cow Who Clucked. It is so cute and perfect for introducing onomatopoeia! We did a little problem/solution then thought of all the sound words we would hear on the farm.  

We learned all about different farm animals {I even learned a little bit myself!}. First up was cows...we worked together to make a big handprint cow, then did a little shared writing to tell all that we learned about cows. Then the kids make their own cow {thanks to Cara Carroll for the idea - soooo easy!].

We also learned about goats...did you know goats usually have twins?!? We made some little goats {nevermind that they look more like cows/horses}.

We also learned all about pigs. We loved making the handprint cow so much, that we made a handprint pig then did another shared writing activity to add the facts we learned. The kids made their own pig using the template from my 3 Little Pigs pack.

 To go along with pigs we painted with "mud" {aka chocolate pudding}. The kids loved this! Afterwards, we worked together to write a mud poem {I first got this idea from Victoria at KinderKorner}.

In math, we used "5 Little Ducks" to help us learn all about and decompose the number 5. I didn't get a ton of pictures because math is still a lot of management right now, but here's a little peek.
{While we worked with these mats, we were writing equations on our white boards}
{Starting with 5, we do a math stick each week. The beads this week represented the ducks. I LOVE these!!}
I also made up a few new literacy centers and my kids loved them! I can definitely tell this is a group that's going to like themed centers!

All these centers along with lots of graphic organizers and the animal sorting activity can be found in my farm mini pack. 
This week we're learning all about apples and we're having so much fun!!

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