Wow, guys! This year is flying by! It's so hard to believe it's already October!
My kids are in such a good groove and we've had a great {but busy!} past few weeks. We celebrated all things apple {you can read more about what I usually do here} and I love that my little one is old enough to appreciate my love for apple week!

Last week, we started learning all about fall and even got lucky enough to have some fall weather for a day or two {which promptly turned back into 90 degrees with high humidity!}. We read lots of fun fall and scarecrow books that we used to help us make a little tree map and then added a cute scarecrow to hold. {The scarecrow is a freebie from Mynda Rivera}

We discussed problem and solution by reading The Scarecrow's Hat. I love this story and it's perfect for this skill!
Another favorite of mine is Scaredycrow. It is a precious story and perfect for teaching about how characters change!

Another favorite is always There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. I love using these books to help with sequencing! This is a freebie on google docs, and I have more sequencing activities like this in my Fall Sequencing Pack.

In workshops, I introduced some new centers from my Fall into Learning pack and the kids loved them! I have a wide range of abilities phonics wise, so these give me the perfect opportunity for each child to work on exactly what they need.
Matching pictures to their beginning letter

Matching CVC words to the correct picture

Picking a leaf and coloring the corresponding lowercase letter on the recording page
Of course, we couldn't just use scarecrows in reading, we had to include them in our math too! We introduced the number 6 last week, and as usual, spent the whole week learning all there is to know about it!  We used scarecrows and crows {with a little song Deeanna made up} in various ways to help us!

One activity I added this year was this equality scarecrow. It really helped me see who was doing well with the concept of equality and also see that I still have a few that are struggling with one-to-one correspondence.

And just for fun, here's one of my favorite bulletin boards I do all year. It's absolutely all me and nothing from the kids {don't throw things!}, but it's so fallish and I just love it!
I'm off to bed, but really quickly, if you're needing some more resources for this month for ELA, I have a new little center pack I just uploaded. I'm excited about this pack because it includes a variety of skills and themes {Halloween, Columbus Day, and Fire Safety}, so I can use it all month!
Hope you all are having a great October!

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  1. I love all the pictures - thank you!
    We are getting ready for scarecrows - we are using Cynthia Rylant's Scarecrow and now I'm going to go check out your book recommendations. Looks like fun! Thanks again, Jen :)


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