Week 4 Down!

Whew! Even though we've been in school 4 weeks now, I still feel like I'm living a day or two behind! I always forget how crazy these first months are! We have settled into our routines for the most part, so we're digging in deep in reading and math!
This week, we focused on characters and sequence in reading. We used The Three Little Pigs to help us do this. I don't know why {I guess because I grew up hearing these stories}, but it amazes me how many children don't know classic fairytales! The one benefit though, is that I have a captive audience when I read them! We did lots of activities with the classic version and other versions of the story, but I only got just a few pictures of what we did {you can get these in my 3 little pigs pack}.
We sequenced the pigs and what they used to build their houses.

We compared the wolf from the traditional story with the wolf from The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

We also very quickly compared the endings of all 3 stories we read {don't judge the chart...sometimes you gotta keep it real and show you didn't have time to make it fancy!}
In math, we focused on the number 4 and rectangles. We used our good friend Pete and his 4 groovy buttons all week to help us decompose, count on, and learn all we could about the number 4!

We also made our number 4 little guys and they turned out great! {these are part of my Nifty Numbers pack}
For rectangles, we sorted shapes and made our rectangle person. My kids look forward to these each week! {These are part of my Shape Up pack}

This week we're moving on to the farm and number 5. Hope you have a great week!


  1. These pictures look great! We just read Pete the Cat, too - I can't believe I had never used him before. My students LOVED it! Thanks for sharing, Jen :)

  2. I love the idea of one number a week. I am starting it my classroom. I would love to see a post about what your math time looks like for the whole week. Thank you.


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