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We haven't been up to much in kindergarten this past week, other than some testing craziness! We were scheduled to take the Stanford 10 all last week then some pretty bad weather came through and had this area flooding and had us in the bathroom in the middle of the night while some tornadoes came close by! So, we got a little off our testing schedule and are having to make it up this week along with a field trip to Gulf World and a field trip to see a play at the local junior college. Sounds fun, right?
{A little flashlight fun in the middle of the night}

In between, we're working on Mother's Day gifts {click here to see what we did last year}, learning about plants {click here to see what we've done in the past}, and getting ready for first grade!
Here are a few of the packs I'll be using to help finish out the year. {Click on the pictures to see more information}.
We'll start our ocean unit next week and we'll use centers from this pack:
I'm working really hard to get EVERYONE super comfortable with digraphs and blends before 1st grade, so I'll be using this pack in small groups and centers also:
We'll work really hard in math to make sure we're super fluent in our math facts within 5 using this pack {my kids love the games in it!}:
Of course, we'll work on our memory books. I make a DVD slide show for all of my families, so our memory books are pretty simple and something the kids can work on while I'm tying up end of the year testing, cumulative folders, etc.
Last, we've been working really hard on distinguishing long vowel sounds from short vowel sounds in pictures and in words we read, so we'll be using my brand new sorting pack. I'm so sad I don't have any pictures of the kids working with it yet! I can't wait to use it in a variety of ways!

 Sorry I've got no fun pictures today, but the good news is, these packs, along with the rest of my store, are on sale Tuesday and Wednesday! TpT is celebrating teachers during teacher appreciation week and offering a discount code also! Go fill up your cart! I know I am!

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