Now that I've pulled myself over the depression over losing such a close game in the National Championship {War Eagle} and out of the miserably cold weather, I'm finally back in the blogging swing to show you our new literacy centers this week. I finally finished my winter pack of centers and the kids have really been enjoying them! You can get these centers {along with lots more and math centers} here on TpT.They're on sale today and tomorrow, so go grab them up!
Polar Bear's Snowball Sounds: Working on medial vowel sounds {why are e and i so tricky?!?}
 Brrr! Beginning Digraphs: Determining beginning digraph sounds
Little Birdie's Word Families: Sorting by word families
 Snowman sounds: Determining beginning sounds and writing the correct letter for that sound
Snowy Spelling: Matching CVC words to pictures {some groups are just using the picture cards and spelling the words}
We also started talking about winter changes in science yesterday. We made a winter circle map then used "Snow" paint to decorate it {shaving cream and glue}. You can get the circle map along with a lot of other random things we're using this week here {this is the science/ss pack I made for my team, so there are no directions and it's random, but I thought I'd share}
While we work on a class circle map, I have the kids doing an individual one. This helps cut down on the playing and also keeps them engaged.

 You'll also find a few things for Snowmen At Night in that pack...I'll hopefully be back tomorrow to share our fun with that story!


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