More Winter Fun

We are having so much fun learning all about winter and doing lots of winter activities! {We're also so excited that we actually got above freezing!}. Yesterday, we read Snowmen At Night and the kids loved it! We wrote adjectives about the snowmen {I forgot to take a picture of the kids' version of course!}, then made a snowman that we made look like what we thought it would look like the morning after a night of fun and added a little writing prompt. The writing piece and the kids' character trait page is in the freebie I posted yesterday that has lots of other random winter stuff {click here}. The snowman pattern is part of Deeanna's snowman pack.

 Today we read There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow and sequenced the story. My kids have gotten so good with this skill and are also sure to make sure to go back and look in the book to make sure they're right. This is part of my Winter Sequencing Pack.

 We're also having winter fun in math! Today, we graphed whether we like winter or not. One sweetie told me he didn't like it because he was already sick! {This is part of my winter center pack}

We also used a big snowman to help us with a measuring activity, similar to the gingerbread man one we did in December. We each stood beside the gingerbread man to see is we were shorter, taller, or the same height. They had a blast doing it and automatically knew why we had the snowman touching the ground and why we had to stand straight and tall!

My winter pack is still on sale today in case you're in need of some center fun...tomorrow's Friday friends!!


  1. I will be laminating your winter pack this weekend, I can't wait to use it!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

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