Week in Review {Just a Few Days Late!}

I had really good intentions of replaying our week for you this past weekend, but as usual, I was having a little too much fun with this cutie who happened to turn 10 months old on Saturday!! {For real, somebody invent a way to stop time!!}
Last week, our story in the reading series {which I am STILL not used to using} was What About Bear?, which we used to help us learn more about friendship. We worked together to think of words related to friendship and I amde a big circle map while the kids each wrote on their own. Then, we made a little duck (who was a character in the story) to hold our circle map.

To celebrate our friendships in our class, we each brought in some fruit and made friendship salad. This is always a favorite!!

In math last week, we learned all about squares and the number 4. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons helped us all week long! This is by far the kids' favorite Pete book! As usual, we rainbowed the number, filled in a ten frame, and REALLY worked on decomposing. We also introduced the subtraction symbol and discussed what it means.

Retelling the story using a floor number line

We used individual number lines to practice also

Retelling the story using the big ten frame - we were writing equations during this also

Gluing buttons to make the equations correct {from my friend Deeanna}

We made necklaces to put our own groovy buttons on and retold the story while we wrote the matching equations - the kids love this!! It's just a piece of felt with a string hot glued to it and then we laminated buttons and put the scratchy side of some velcro on the back of each one. 

After seeing these on Katie's instagram, I was in love!! A sweet mom had a local bakery make them for our class and the kids about died when I showed them to them!
We also made our square men, as the kids called them. These are definitely helping my kids remember the properties of each shape since they cut the shape multiple times for the body, hands, feet, and eyes as well as write the properites of each. Click the picture for more information on my shape pack. :)
Last, if you've never done the gummy bear song with your kids, you are missing out!! Last year mine loved it and this year's class is just the same. They beg for it as a brain break!!
I'm not sure if it will work here, but here's the link to the video.
That's it...I promise not to be so late in sharing what we do this week! Happy Monday!!


  1. I'm going to do the Gummy Bear song with my kiddos tomorrow, thanks for the link! Your little one is darling, so glad you had fun with her on the weekend.

  2. Love all of the Pete the Cat stuff!!! SO CUTE!!!!
    Friendship salad -- yum!
    And now I have to totally do the Gummi Bear song!!! I can't wait!

  3. We do the Gummy Bear song almost every day! They have kind of moved on to 5 Little Monkeys though! It's very cute, too!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten


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