We Are Scientists!

For the past few years, our kids have gone to science class as part of our wheel schedule (special classes) and they always love it. This year our wheel time is a little bit shorter, so we are now responsible for science in our own classrooms and I am so excited!! Florida science standards for kindergarten include a lot about observation, recording, etc. so when I saw Kristen's Making Predictions pack, I knew it would be perfect for us!!

We started learning about science this week by watching a little video in United Streaming about the scientific method. Then, we made an anchor chart about what scientists can do (our sight word this week was can) and the kids made their own scientists to hold the chart they wrote (thanks to Cara Carroll for our inspiration). Kristen has all the pieces to make a scientist anchor chart in her pack, but sadly our printer was broken so I had to draw mine (he's a little fluffy - ha!)

{You can see the original idea/post for these here}
 For our first experiment, I wanted one that would really grab the kids' attention, so I chose the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment from the pack. (Plus, only 2 ingredients, so super easy). We are super lucky this year to have a new principal who is VERY supportive of us and all our crazy ideas, so she even bought all the diet coke and mentos for all our K (and we have 17!!) teachers to do the experiment. We're blessed!
Before we did the experiment, we acted like scientists and made our predictions about what would happen when we dropped mentos in the diet coke and charted our guesses.
{The blue marks are from after we experimented and decided if our predictions were correct}
Then, we went outside to experiment and it did not disappoint! After we used a bottle of diet coke, we had to go buy two cans of diet coke because the kids had to know if the same thing would happen and it did!!

I can't wait to use some of the other experiments in Kristen's pack! My kids are so excited about being scientists!
Have a great weekend!!

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