Last Week

We have finally gotten in the swing of things in our classroom and have gotten in some pretty good routines. Last week, we focused on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and used it to help us learn all about the number 3 also. Forgive my pictures {and lack of some} school camera finally bit the dust so I didn't catch very many :(

We read the traditional story Tuesday then on Wednesday read Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks, which is written from Baby Bear's point of view. The kids loved it and did really well comparing the two stories.
We also sequenced the things Goldilocks tried in the story.
We really got into the story during math! We did our usual rainbow tracing the big number 3, gluing on the ten frame, etc. then used the three bears to help us decompose the number. The kids loved it and I love that so many are already using the words equal, plus, and equation!
The kids loved acting out the story and having different amounts of bears "in the house" to see what our equation would be

Remember - we are doing this whole group but by doing it with every number every week, by the time we get to 10, they are pros!!

This was an activity my friend Deeanna made where the kids had to count on to make a group of 3 by gluing bears
Keeping with our three bears theme, we worked with groups of bears (Teddy Grahams) and beds (graham crackers) to practice more/less/equal groups. They loved this (especially when we ate them later!)

We also worked on triangles this week and I love that my kids are already using the term vertice like they've known it forever! We ate Doritos to practice biting the vertices of a triangle then made our triangle men that held the attributes of a triangle.

We did lots of other fun activities that you can find in my friend Deeanna's Three Bears pack {click the picture below}
Next week, we're starting small groups (PTL testing is pretty much done!), working on number 4 {with Pete the Cat!} and squares, learning about character, and working with our 5 senses. What is your class working on this week?


  1. We are doing our diagnostic testing as well this week, (it's quite laughable), and I can't wait to do shapes next week, just so I can do your shape men!!!

    xThe Daily Alphabet

  2. I am amazed at what you are working on early in the school year and how well your students are doing. We have kindergartners who don't know what their name looks like nor can they write it or hold a pencil. When one of the K teachers was assessing letter sounds, one little girl responded with animal sounds.:) Just wondering how you fit all of your wonderful activities into the day.

    1. Oh Lee Ann, I would love to talk more to you about this!! We have some of those same babies! Email me anytime!! :)


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