Names and Numbers

Why oh why do I always forget how crazy the beginning of school is? I have had great intentions to blog for over a week now and life just seemed to get in the way! However, I am making a promise to myself (a pinky promise as one of my little cuties loves to do) to get back in the swing of blogging (especially since my sweet friend Angela reminded me this summer that I used to blog almost daily!!).
Last week, we did lots of name activities that are my yearly go-tos:

We rainbowed our names then practiced using glue and glitter {nothing like a big mess ;)}
We kept our names in our pocket chart and sang a little name song to help our friends who are still having a little trouble recognizing their names.
We sing this little song: "Everybody has a name, has a name, has a name. Some are different, some the same. Tell me what is yours."
After reading some alphabet name books, we talked about the first letter in our names and why they are important and made a page for a little class book.
We also read Chrysanthemum and talked about her character traits during different points in the story. Then, we talked about how many letters are in our name, made a graph, and another page for a class book. 

 We also learned all about the number 2 last week. Ever since we began CCSS two years ago, we teach a number a week and really dig into it rather than teach recognition, counting, and decomposing separately. I LOVE doing it this way!! By the time we get to 5, most all of my kids are using the terms equal, plus, minus, equation, etc. Now, do I expect mastery of decomposing right now? Of course not! It's all about exposure! For 2, we used Jack and Jill and acted it out numerous times to work on making 2.

 We also used these activity sheets...we glued a small Jack and Jill on the ten frame and rainbowed the big 2 and glued cheerios on it.
You can get the top two sheets here in my Numbers pack :)
Ok, I'm off to bed, but will hopefully be back tomorrow to share our literacy workshops. Hope your back to school is going well!


  1. I love the activities you do and your philosophy. Exposure is key, and they will "get it" in time with repeated exposure. I wish I was a Kdg classroom teacher again. I work with Title I kindergartners now, but only have small groups 3 days/week. I would love to see your weekly plans and how you plan everything into your day/week.

  2. Hi! I would really like to learn more about your one number a week lessons. I am beginning the CCS this year in my K classroom. Thanks!


  3. Haha, you are an awesome blogger, but I do miss those awesome, daily posts!! (No pressure, lol)!! Thanks for the awesome ideas, we are doing a lesson on name length in a few weeks!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  4. I SOOO know what you mean about the beginning of the year! Every year I forget that I am teaching AUGUST kinders not MAY kinders! It takes so much prep time to get them ready and that is without all the things that need to be done in your personal life! Hang in there! It will start to level out soon (hope, hope!)


  5. I love your Nifty Numbers pack and have used it this year and last. I am curious- what is the name of your CCSS math program? My district uses Engage NY and I am finding that it moves too quickly for my students. I have been supplementing where I can using other materials such as the Nifty Numbers pack.


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