1 Week Down

To put it mildly, our first week of kindergarten has been a little hectic! Our first day was supposed to be last Monday, but was cancelled due to flooding. Then, we had about a million and one kids register for kindergarten during the first week, so I was the overflow class until we got another teacher hired. Let me go ahead and sing the praises of all of you who are out there teaching 25+ kids! After teaching 18-20 for the past 4 years, 27 felt like I was in the looney bin! It took us forever to get anywhere! I'm saying extra prayers for y'all who don't have caps on class size daily now!
Although we were a little cramped, we did have fun and managed to get a few things done. Here's what went down:
We took first day pictures {thanks to Michelle over at Apples and ABCs for the sweet K idea!} and had Jitter Juice to celebrate our first day...

We learned all about what we should and should not do with the help of Lyndsey's Kindergarten pack...
We started a little alphabet introduction with the letter Aa {our new series does a quick intro of all letters before going back and diving deep}...
We rainbow trace each letter and glue something on it that begins with the letter. We put glitter on vowels.

We practiced sorting letters {you can get this here or in my bundle here}

We also sorted letters whole group {this is in the packs linked above as well}
We also started working on shapes and began with a circle since it's one most kids know when they come to us...
This is a super simple graphic organizer we did together...the kids had their own to fill in

We sorted shapes into circle and not a circle {the kids also had their own cut and paste version of this}

We painted circles using marshmallows...the kids loved this!

We made our first shape person! I love these little guys and it gave us some great cutting practice as well as practice talking about the properties of circles.
These activities {except the painting circles} are all in my You Better Shape Up pack.

We've done lots more and I hope to blog about it this week...how have your first weeks been??


  1. Your "K" for Kindergarten looks great! Love the pics!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. What a fun week! Your class looks so fun; I wish I could teach there! Years ago when I taught as the only K teacher, I had 33 students one year. This year I have kdg recess duty, and it is difficult to get 115 kindergartners in a line!

  3. Wow! You are amazing for having managed that many K kiddos and getting fun things done!! Hope your school gets another teacher hired soon!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. Wow, that's a lot of kids! We had that a few years ago. I love your shape sort. What a fabulous idea!

  5. What a great start for your class. They are blessed to have you as their teacher. I start my first ever Kindergarten class after teaching 1st grade for ever! Should be fun!

  6. Vickie-- your week looks like so much fun!! Your students are adorable AND I LOVE the circle craft!! We are finishing ours next week. I can't wait until they are finished and hanging around my classroom!!

    A Day in First Grade


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