Peter Rabbit

Ahh! I can't believe what a bad blogger I've been! I had such good intentions of writing some posts while we were on spring break, but it just didn't happen. Although it was cold, it was so much fun to spend time with my sweet girl and do lots of fun Easter activities.

We're back in full swing in school and this week we're kind of using The Tale of Peter Rabbit to do a little book study. Yesterday, we read the story and charted what happened in the beginning, middle, and end. My little dears are still having some trouble with this, so today we reread the story and I had printed events from the story that we put on a chart according to when they happened in the story. This really seemed to help a lot of the kids.
Then, the kids made their own story map where they drew and wrote about somethign that happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
We've also been using Peter Rabbit in our math this week. We've been working on story problems that involve Peter and the buttons on his jacket. We're working really hard on determining whether a story problem is asking us to subtract or add and I always have the kids show me with their fingers what they think we're supposed to do.
Using Peter's buttons to solve our problem

Showing me that we should subtract

As we solved our problems, we wrote the equations on white boards
This math activity is in Deeanna's Peter Rabbit unit {along with lots of other great ideas!}.

Last, we have been working super hard on becoming fluent with our math facts to 5 and in any spare time we get, we love to play Around the World. Today, Tyler made it 'around the world' and was so excited!
You can get the flashcards we use as a freebie in my TpT store here.

That's it for today...I've got to get a move on and get everything ready for the rest of the week. It's so hard to come back from spring break mode!!


  1. Don't worry, I think I've been a bad blogger for a few months now!!! Look at the bright side, let the countdown to summer begin!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. Precious picture :) She's a doll.


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