More Peter Rabbit Fun {With a Little Pete the Cat!}

We're still deep in our book study of Peter Rabbit and the kids are loving it!
Yesterday, we read the story again and charted Peter's characteristics and gave evidence from the story that supported the characteristic. The kids are getting really good at this! Then, they each wrote about Peter and we attached a carrot to our writing to "make it a little cute" as one of my sweeties told me!

"Peter was scared because he was in the net."
"Peter Rabbit was sad and he couldn't get out of the garden."
Today, we read the story and worked on a little cause and effect. I gave them something that happened in the story and they had to tell me what the effect was. They did pretty well considering we haven't worked a ton on this skill yet.
When we finished with this, one of my girls said, "Hey, that' like Pete the Cat when his shoes changed colors." So, since we haven't read Pete since the beginning of the year, I dug it out and we read it again, making sure to notice the causes of his shoes turning colors. Then, each of the kids created a "new" page for the story. They loved this!
"Pete the Cat stepped in a pile of leaves and it turned his shoes green."

"Pete the Cat stepped in gum and his shoes turned pink."

"Pete the Cat stepped in some lemons and his shoes turned yellow."
I'm off to get started on our farm unit that we're going to be doing in a few weeks. I am so excited since I haven't taught farm in a few years! Happy almost Friday!


  1. I love this all! More than "a little cute" ;)

  2. Everything in this post is adorable. The carrot chart is AWESOME!!! :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. Thank you so much for the idea of reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit and then listing cause and effects. I am doing this with my class today and then we are also going to create a page that could be added to Pete the Cat. Thank you for such great ideas! :)
    Mrs. Black's Bees


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