We've Gone Buggy!

We have gone buggy in our classroom this week as we are learning all about insects.
We started today by recording our schema about insects. {I was so happy they remembered that spiders aren't insects from our spider unit!}. Then, we read an informational text about insects and recorded our new learning.
We used this information to start working on our insect fact books.

We also are working really hard on comparing text features of narrative stories and informational text. We noticed that lots of pictures in informational books have labels, so we worked together to label our huge class insect.

We also learned that lots of informational text has diagrams, so we made our own diagrams of insects.

To go along with our "buggy" theme, we started some new literacy centers...
Matching pictures to words based on beginning letters {from my Spring Fever pack}

Distinguishing between real words and nonsense words {also from my Spring Fever pack}

Making caterpillars based on vowel sounds {from Deeanna's bug centers}
If you already have my Spring Fever Math and Literacy pack, be sure to re-download it. I updated some of the recording pages. :)
Hope you had a happy Monday!!


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  2. We started insects today also!! My kiddos did not remember that spiders weren't insects, it took everything in me to not say anything while were in the Our Schema section of the chart!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  3. Your labeling bug is too cute! Did the students write in their fact book on their own or did they copy from what you had written? That was some very neat handwriting!


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