Mitten Mania and a Little Math

This week we are having lots of fun with different stories about mittens. Since I had to take my sweet girl to the doctor yesterday for her 2 month checkup (how the heck is she already 2 months old??) and for shots, we didn't get to start our mitten fun until today. We read The Mitten, by Jan Brett then worked together to recall the order the animals went in the mitten and added them to our big mitten chart. Since some of the animals are ones that are unfamiliar to my kiddos, this was a good lesson in making sure we go back to the book to validate our answer. The kids also made their own individual chart.

We also used the characters from the story to help us practice adding 1 more to a number. We attached our mittens to ziploc bags and each time an animal went in the mitten, we wrote the new equation and solved it.

All of these activities can be found here in my Winter Sequencing Pack. The math page is in Deeanna's pack that you can get here.

We also got to start new math centers this week. Since I was out before Christmas, math centers were hit or miss, but I hope now we can back in the swing and really get going with them. Last year, they were such a help to my kiddos. Here's what we're doing this week:
Practicing one to one correspondence and number writing

Adding two dice together and covering the number...from my Mitten Math pack

Counting mittens and writing the correct number...also from my Mitten Math pack

Adding 1 more to a number...again from my Mitten Math pack

Adding 1 more to a number...this is a freebie here
 You can find the Mitten Math activities here {I am working on adding to this pack and should hopefully be done in the next couple of days}.
Hope you all are having a great week!!


  1. LOVE everything! We're reading The Mitten this week too...and my firsties are the story! :)

  2. It always makes my night when you post a new unit!! On my way to purchase it now. You are AMAZING!!

    Have a great night!!

    1. You are so sweet Stacey...thank you so much!!

  3. I love the Mitten! It is such a classic!!!

  4. Two Months!?!?
    Your Mitten chart looks fantastic!I am going to check out that unit:)


    Going Nutty!

    1. I know...I teared up when I saw a teeny newborn at the doctor's office b/c it seems like she was just that small yesterday. I'm crazy!

  5. I get all emotional when I pack up clothes that my 19 month old doesn't fit any more. :(
    I love your mitten pack! I am using it with my kinders now, too. When you update it, will I be able to print the extra pages, too?

    1. Hey Candace,
      Yes, you will defintely get the updates at no charge. You will just have to download the pack again. I am hoping to get it done by's just hard to work when I get home b/c poor thing is miserable after those shots still :(
      Thanks so much!!

  6. I give you so much credit! I find it hard to do ANYTHING when I get home.

    I give Jack Tylenol before the shots. It seems to help him :(


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