More Mitten Math

We are still having so much fun reading mitten stories and using mittens for our math. Even Ellie Grace came to kindergarten yesterday to join in the fun!
My sweet granny came to bring Ellie Grace to see my class yesterday...they have been begging to meet her! She loved looking at the kids although she doesn't look very enthused about it here!
Yesterday, we decided whether we liked mittens or gloves. I traced the kids' hands according to the answer. Then, we graphed our class choices and filled in our class data sheet {you can get a copy here}.

Today, we used mittens to help us work on teen numbers. I put a group of mittens on the floor and two helpers hung them on the clothesline. After we figured out only 10 mittens would fit, we counted to see how many were left over on the floor. Then, we wrote the equation for our problem and talked about how many groups of ten and how many ones we had. This came from Deeanna's mitten unit {click here} that is filled with great activities!

Tomorrow we're going to squeeze in a little history with Martin Luther King, Jr. {is anyone else excited about our 3 day weekend??}
Here's to a great Friday!


  1. We don't get out Monday =(
    Your mitten studies look great and that baby is as cute as ever!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Your mitten activities look amazing and Ellie Grace is adorable! I love how she visited your class!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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