More Sequencing Fun!

Hi guys!! Just a quick post today between battling allergies and getting last minute things together for baby girl and for my kiddos at school, who I will be leaving Monday. I am so paranoid about being out and am trying to leave as many directions as possible, even though I am leaving them in very capable hands with my mother in law. I am little (ok, maybe a lot) OCD about my classroom, and I'm really sad about missing the holidays with my sweet kids, so I'm trying to remember everything I need to leave.

Many of you asked if I was going to make any more sequencing packs similar to the pack that had Halloween stories. I actually sat down last night and managed to be super productive and got a sequencing pack for Thanksgiving the picture below to grab it (and this one includes 4 stories!)
I'm hoping to finish a winter sequencing pack as well as my Christmas pack soon, so I'd love to hear anything you would like to see included. Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. My littles loved your Halloween sequencing pack!! Adding this to the wish list now!

    Heather (

  2. Oohh....I can't wait to get it!! Girl, you have been one busy chick!!

    The Daily Alphabet

    1. Girl, I'm having to get stuff ready before this chickadee gets here!

  3. Fabulous work, Vickie. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for your class and all of us other teachers across the country. :) I know you are worried about things in your room, but try to enjoy every second of your little one. :) Get some good rest this weekend, too.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  4. Hi Vickie,

    Would you be able to modify the sequencing sheets to include arrows like the flow map (a Thinking Map for sequencing)? Our school has been implementing Thinking Maps across the curriculum for more than a few years now, so I have been on the lookout for products which incorporates the application of them.



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