November Already?

I cannot believe that it is already November! Thanksgiving will be here in 3 weeks...that's crazy!! My last days are quickly approaching, so we jumped right into Thanksgiving today.
We're getting in the spirit with our classroom tee-pee. I made this my first year teaching by letting my kids decorate 2 sheets with markers and having my grandfather cut 4 bamboo poles that he tied together at the top. The kids love to read in the tee-pee during play centers!

We talked about the first Thanksgiving and read a little story about it. Then, we read Thanks for Thanksgiving and listed things that we are thankful for:
Then, we made these turkeys that I've been making forever (as in since student teaching!) and wrote about what we're thankful for.

I finally finished my Thanksgiving pack and it is loaded with langauge arts and math centers to help you through the next 2 (or 2 1/2) weeks. Click on the picture to see more :).
Hope you've survived the day after Halloween :).


  1. Love the teepee! Enjoy your last few days!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Thinking that teepee is just the project for my husband to help me with ;) Love it!!

  3. Cute teepee! I bet your kids love it!


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