Scarecrow Randomness

We had so much fun last week learning about fall and scarecrows. Here's a little random picture collection of what we did at the end of the last week:
Singing our 6 Black Crows Song and using our sticks to decompose
Decomposing 6 with our crows (black beads). You can get this page here on my friend Deeann's blog.
We read The Scarecrow's Hat and talked about what each animal's problem was and what they got to solve their problem.

The kids did their own page of what the animals each got...these activities are also on Deeann's blog here.

We worked on taking 1 away from a number using black beans painted like crows
We made a brace map with the parts of scarecrow...the kids helped with parts of the words. Then, at the writing table, they wrote about their own scarecrow.

We had a busy, fun week and I'm sure this week will be just as fun. We'll be working on Columbus and fire safety. Don't forget to enter the giveaway that Mrs. Mayas and I are ends at midnight!


  1. I came across your problem/solution chart on Pinterest and love it! Where did you get the clip art to go along with the book?


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