Ex-haus-ted and a Tour!

Is everyone else as tired as I am yet? The sad part for me is that my kids haven't even started yet! I have been meaning to write this blog post all week and when I leave school every night between 7-9, I find myself barely able to stay awake! However, as tiring as it is, back to school is probably my favorite time of year next to Christmas...I love the "newness" of everything! It has taken pretty much all week, but my classroom finally got its finishing touches yesterday, just in time for parent orientation! There are still a few more things I need to do, but here's a look at what it looks like right now {now remember....I am in a small portable with some random colored doors and paneling from who knows what decade with no cabinets or built in shelves, so a lot of things are out in the open}. WARNING:  Lots of pictures!
View from the door...seat sacks courtesy of my Granny {she made all new ones this summer...the others had seen better days after 8 years!}

My small group area/desk/storage area
The door with some pinterest inspired decor...you can get the signs here for free :) There is no preview....just click file then download.

Door to the AC closet...work will hang here {this is orange construction netting, which is great for hanging stuff from!}

Reading Strategy Cards behind my small group table

Part of my teacher area...you can see what it looked like at the end of the year here

My computer area {a former student wore that shirt through his K year then gave it to me at the end of the year....love it!}

All of these supplies were previously in a horrible cabinet...you can see pics here

Up close

Student check in...where they put GO books and snacks in the morning

I am so excited about this pinterest inspired project!! Our kids change the way they go home often, so having clothespins to just move each day will be a lifesaver!

Writing Table...punctuation posters from Rachelle Smith and pinterest inspired Writer's Eye {I'm not sure whose original idea this way}

Birthday Board...each student's picture will be on their birthday month

Bathroom door and backpack hooks
Reading Corner

Word Wall...I am a firm believer in not adding words until they are introduced. I do not put all the words we will learn on the wall at the beginning of the year :)

New Crop Bulletin Board

LOVE Frog Street Friends Alphabet Characters and Songs...These number posters are in my TpT store for free!

Calendar Area

Another area where work will hang and our rules on the door. The rules for good listening are from First Grade Fever {for free!}

I have a little book addiction...you can see our HUGE TV beside the shelf!

Clip Chart...I have used a clip chart all 8 years of my teaching and LOVE it! The kids love getting to move higher and also love the opportunity to move their clip back up even if they've had it moved down

These are the postcards I sent my new kiddos...they are free in my TpT Store

Parent gift for orientation...you can get the tag here

I organize all my paper work into folders for parents, along with our kindergarten handbook. The name plates can be found here.
Hopefully, I'll be back this weekend with some first day plans and what I did for students at Open House. I hope everyone is getting rest at this crazy time of year!


  1. Thanks for the tour! I can see why you are so exhausted! It looks wonderful!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your classroom. I just love seeing other classrooms. I have only been in my room one day. I get to go back tomorrow and I cannot wait. We do not start until after September 1st. Just wondering if you are sharing your smore gift label? Thanks, Amber Kindergarten Rocks Blog

    1. Wow...it's crazy how many different start dates there are! I can definitely share the smore label. It's at school, so I will probably add it tomorrow when I have to go back to finish my plans :)

  3. I absolutely love your door about what you do in your classroom, I think I'm definitely going to borrow that! I agree about the word wall, I don't understand why some teachers put all of the words up there at the beginning! It looks totally awesome!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

    1. Thanks so much Angela...if you want me to send you the door posters, let me know and I will. I'm glad someone else agrees about the word wall :)

  4. LOVE your room! I can tell we have an obsession for the same fonts!!! :)
    Thanks for being the first to link up! I enjoyed touring your classroom!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  5. Good Gravy- how many doors are in there?!?!?
    It all looks so great I didn't even notice the paneling until like the last picture- you've done a lot of work!

    Going Nutty!


  6. It looks great!!!! I am so proud of you for working so hard while preparing to be a mommy too. :)


    1. Thanks so much! I didn't realize how tired I was going to be!

  7. Your room looks adorable! I don't have a theme either. Just primary colors! I hung your number posters in my room today and they looked great! I would love a copy of your door posters if you are sharing them! Hope you have a wonderful year with your little ones!!!


    1. I just added a link to the posters under the picture :)..so glad you were able to use the numbers!

  8. Wow! I absolutely LOVE everything about your classroom! Have a super year!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  9. Your room looks great! I am super exhausted too. I was hoping to recoup this weekend but I'm still tired. Have a good first week! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  10. I love all of the pics! Did you paint your supply/tool box with small drawers? The one I found is blue. Do u have a template for the labels ~ what I have is too small.

    1. I did paint it. I did the labels on my school computer...I will look and see if I saved them :)

    2. Awesome! Did you use spray paint? Any special kind?

  11. plants for salewahoo!! the room looks adorable! Just primary colors! I hung your number posters in my room today and they looked great! I would love a copy of your door posters if you are sharing them!

  12. I loved seeing your classroom! You are so lucky to have such a small class I have 33 kinders in my class!

  13. Your room looks great! Happy Labor Day!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  14. I really like your Birthday Board. Is this something you made or did you purchase it? I really like the simplicity of it.


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