The End Is Near!

Today we started working on our personal memory books. I always love to see what the kids remember about the year and what their favorite things are. We will do a couple of pages each day before we finish them next week. We only have 7 more days of school! It's hard to believe this year is almost over.

You can get the pages for this memory book here in my TpT store. I have included a pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade version as well as a version that has this font and one that has a printed font.

Now, for my confession. I have been HIGHLY disorganized this year when it comes to storing things. I have so much "stuff" and since I started with this group in the middle of the year (and don't have much storage in my room), I've been shoving things into any space they can fit. I've also let clutter take over these past few crazy weeks. Getting organized for next year is my summer project and I am so ready to get started. I really want to make one of these:
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Any words of wisdom for me? I really need some tips/motivation :).
A plastic storage unit/closet that is overflowing! I am ashamed to show this!!

My side table beside my desk...once again, everything's crammed into different spots!

My small group table after small groups...covered in summer gifts

The last little closet. This one isn't as bad, but still has stuff everywhere!
I also really want to purge all of my files and get rid of things I don't use anymore (I have so many things I've collected over the years and my file cabinet is busting at the seams). Hopefully, I'll be able to show some progress pictures soon! How many more days of school do you have?


  1. I should take pictures of mine at the moment... you wouldnt be embarrassed lol

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  2. I totally understand! Mine is like a tornado hit(no pun intended, that was like 5 months ago!). I don't know what I'm going to do, but my goal is organization also! 3 more days with students!

    The Daily Alphabet

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    1. Me too!! I can't wait until our last day when I can get some of my little girls, who are always under me wanting to help, to help me clean out. I just have to figure out a good way to organize everything in such a small space (I'm in a portable!).

  4. I am definitely making one of those toolbox organizers this summer too! I know what you mean about the disorganization. I can't open my cabinets without everything falling out LOL. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. It feels great to purge and reorganize! I can't wait to throw out some stuff myself. We have 17 more days here!
    ~ Amy

  6. I have an area I need to clean is a very narrow and tall section of a built-in shelf. Basically, it stores items from the textbook adoption that we are not supposed to use but have to keep. Grrrrrrrr!

    I am trying to clean out files too! I think things multiply throughout the is like pod people! =)

    Heather's Heart

  7. Before I start organizing, I like to clean out. My philosophy is "when in doubt, throw it out!" It always feels good for me to get rid of stuff. Grab a large rolling trash can and get to work!

    Start with one cabinet at a time-- throw out everything you don't use, or at least take it to the teacher workroom for the other horders in the school to have :)

    For the past week, I've been doing one cabinet/drawer/shelf at a time. After you've gotten rid of all the excess, then it's time to organize.

    Good luck! I'd love to see what it looks like when you're done.

  8. I plan on organizing myself better too. I can't wait to start doing it.


  9. Good luck, sweet friend! It feels so good to organize.

    By the way... I did not realize that you started with this group of kiddos midway through the year. They are blessed to be with you.


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

    1. I say halfway, but it was actually in October. When Chad was in the wreck, I didn't think I would teach this year and he was still in the rehab hospital until September. I got really lucky that my old school had too many K kids and needed a teacher :).


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