Must Have Monday and Our First Day!

We survived the first day of kindergarten! It seems like every year, I block the first month of school from my memory because I always forget how tiring it is and how the much effort it takes to teach all of our routines and procedures. In a month, it will all be worth it and we'll be in a routine. Just in case you've never taught kindergarten, take time to tell the K teachers at your school how great they are because it is HARD work to get those babies trained!
We didn't get a whole lot accomplished today, but we did manage to rainbow our names, take a tour of some of the important places in our school with our "rocking" school shoes, and take our cute first day pictures.

With our secretaries and principal in the office...we toured the school after reading Pete the Cat
Such a cutie
Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get more accomplished. I'm just happy everyone made it home the right way! With between 900-1000 kids in our school (K-2), it's amazing that everyone gets to the right place.

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' really quickly to tell about my Teacher Must Haves:

There are tons of other things I love, but I am a little worn out, so it's hard to think tonight!!
Here's to a great second day!


  1. Congrats on making it through your first day!!!

  2. I want a MacBook Pro soooo badly!!! I love your frame, I should have made one but I was too lazy!!

    The Daily Alphabet

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