Capture Summer Memories!

If you're like me, you're soaking up all things summer right now and taking a much deserved break from school life {and if you're still in school - hang in there!!}. It is so super hot here in south Alabama, so we're having to be creative with our summer fun since it's near impossible to stand the heat for very long. {You can check out what I'm up to on Instagram - the one form of social media I'm pretty good at posting on!} One thing I've been doing {with some inspiration from my sister} is trying to take more pictures of my sweet girl that aren't posed. I'm great at getting posed shots, but sometimes I forget to take pictures of her just enjoying her days!
Here's a shot I got a week or so ago at an outside concert we went to {late in the day, so it was not so miserably hot!!
I love how the background is blurred and the focus is all on her sweet face.
Here's another picture I took the same night of my's edited to be black and white, but for an amateur, I think it is such a sweet picture.
Both of these pictures were taken with my nice DSLR camera and I can honestly say, it is one of my most favorite things! I can't imagine not having it now! I use it constantly at school and home.
Here's the GREAT news - I'm teaming up with some of my most favorite blogging friends to give away an AWESOME photography pack!
This giveaway has an amazing camera {a Canon DSLR T5} that comes with the kit lens {I use mine for everyday use or when we're on trips where I want to see the background}.
In addition, you also get this amazing 50mm lens that allows you to get those beautiful bokeh shots like above.
And that's not it!! You also get this beautiful JoTotes bag {I'm super jealous of this!}

All you have to do for a chance to win is enter using the rafflecopter below. It will take a minute because a lot of us came together to make this giveaway so great, but we're only asking that you follow us one way :).

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