Randomness {In Pictures}

I've been meaning to write this post for a while to show what we were up to the last part of October, and even though Halloween has come and gone, I thought I'd still share and you can maybe tuck some ideas away for next year :). {Warning...this post is mainly pictures - a lot!}
First up, spiders! We used a big spider to record our schema and new knowledge, made a spider with a spider fact written from our spider have/can chart, learned about onomatopoeia with The Very Busy Spider, and did a little spider math {math sticks, adding on to make 8, and graphing}.

We also made some super cute spider hats and made a little spider snack with ritz crackers, pretzel sticks, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

In the midst of being out for 2 days the week before Halloween, we managed to get in some pumpkin investigations and learning. We estimated the weight of our pumpkin and the circumference, described the outside and inside of the pumpkin, and learned how pumpkins grow.

{You can find this in Alisha's Pumpkin Pack}

We also tasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin muffins to see if we liked them.

 We also used our 9 pumpkins song to work on decomposing 9 {the farmer's son comes to pick a pumpkin...the kids love being the farmer!}

The week of Halloween was also homecoming week at our high school, so EVERY day was a dress up day, so it was extra crazy! We did manage to learn about the -at word family, learn a little about bats, read some fun Halloween books, and use candy to help us work on making 10!

This is a pattern I've had forever...the body is attached to a clothespin, then attached to the wings, so that when the kids press the clothespin, it looks like the bat is flying

Love this craftivity to go along with Room on the Broom from Cheryl at Primary Graffiti
Going back to the two days I missed of school, I was in Tampa presenting at the Florida Conference of Teachers of Mathematics with my friend Deeanna. This was my first time presenting and I loved getting to chat with other teachers and administrators from across the state! While we were there, Deeanna was also awarded as one of the 3 state finalists for the Presidential Excellence Award in Mathematics Teaching {it's kind of a big deal!}

For Halloween at school, Deeanna, our friend Bunnee, and I all dressed like Pete the Cat...it was super easy and the kids loved it!
 And just because this post is already forever long, here's my cute Mickey Mouse from Halloween. She was so excited and had so much fun trick or treating!

I've got a few posts planned for the coming days, and now that things have slowed down, hopefully they'll get finished :)


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