Firefighter Freebie

Last week, we celebrated Fire Safety Week. Most of what we did is a repeat of years before {which you can read about here}, but I did one new comparing activity that I really liked. My kids this year are having a little trouble with reading comprehension and recalling things from a story/book, so we have to have lots of "prompting and support." We've been working really hard on comparing, so we used the book Fire, Fire! by Gail Gibbons to help us with some of these skills {if you don't have any of her informational books, they're awesome!!}.

After reading the story two days last week, I gave each student a bag with small, colored strips. These strips had details from the story and we put them on our organizer as to whether they were about firefighters in the city, country, or both. I had larger strips in the same color to put on a large chart. We had to go back to the text A LOT, but it was a great learning opportunity to always go back to the text and check.

Having the strips really worked well, because right now my students still struggle with remembering details from a book and definitely need a lot of the prompting and support that is part of our standards. Having the strips be different colors works well since the text is a little too hard for my students to read right now. I could just tell them which color to find instead of saying, "Find the strip that says ____."
You can get this activity FREE by clicking here.
Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. We use this book, too! Thank you SO much for the ideas and freebie :)


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