Back to School Already?!?

Y' in the world is it August already? I feel like I was just in the library of my school listening to my principal telling us things to read over the summer and now it's time to go back! I probably should apologize for my severe lack of blogging this summer, but I've been trying to soak up every minute with this sweet little one, along with the rest of my family and it's been wonderful! We spent a whole week at the beach {where we discovered a mosquito allergy} and had such a fun time!
As soon as we got back last week, it was off to work in my classroom. Luckily, we're able to get in pretty much any time to work, which is a blessing because once we report back, it will be all inservice days. Ellie Grace has been a trooper helping me {notice her organization of the bears and play-do in the house center below}, but it has been hard work!

 I hope to be able to show you some of my classroom tomorrow, but for now I want to share what I'll be using those first few weeks of school.
First, I am super excited about my newest little pack...alphabet guys and gals.  My kids LOVE when we turn anything into a "person," so I know they will be head over heels about these! For each letter, you can choose whether you use the letter tracing hands/feet, the beginning sound hands/feet, or the hands/feet that allow your students to create their own version.
You can grab these cute characters here
Along with these, I'll use my Alphabet Mega Pack to really hit the letters hard. My goal is for the kids to know all letters and sounds by Christmas and they usually exceed my expectations!
I'm also ready to try out my back to school printables to work on those important fine motor skills! I'll also be introducing literacy workshops as soon as I can so that we can get routines down. You can grab these as a bundle to save!
To get my room ready, I've got these little posters up.
Last year, these mini moments cards were such a hit during our extra minutes, I'll definitely be printing a new set and using them again!
In math, I'll be using my number and shape packs as we introduce a number and shape each week. These *might* be my favorite packs!

 Lucky for you {and me!}, TpT is having their back to school sale this week! I'm so excited they're doing it earlier this year - I've got time to fill my cart and shop since school doesn't officially start back until Thursday!
Now, grab your favorite snack and go fill up your cart! You don't want to miss this sale! For those of you going back to school this week, blessings to you and your new class of sweeties!

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