Loving our Centers!

While we've been learning about insects these past two weeks, my kids have been loving our literacy workshops and math centers. I love having a variety of centers, so my kids are practicing lots of different skills! Not all of my kids do all of these centers either - they do the ones related to the skills they need the most practice with. Here's a quick peek at what we've been working on. {If you click the picture, it will take you to the pack the centers are from...most are from my Spring pack and my friend Deeanna's Going Buggy pack}
Rolling Word Families: The kids spread out pictures, roll the dice, then find a picture in that word family and write the word on their recording page

Caterpillar Vowels: Making caterpillars by matching pictures with the same medial sound
Words That Bug Us: Discriminating between real and non sense words
Matching Words: Matching more difficult words to pictures...they know their is only one picture for each letter of the alphabet, so that helps them :)
CVC Word Match: Not technically insects, but the kids love reading their words and finding the matching pictures
Ladybug Addition: Counting spots and adding them together
Honeybee Subtraction: Writing subtraction equations for what the picture shows
Rolling Numbers: Working on forming our numbers correctly
More or Less: Determining if a number is more or less than another
Ladybug Number Lines: Finding missing numbers on a number line
I forgot to share these pictures yesterday, but last week, we went outside to see if we could catch any bugs. My kids LOVED looking for insects! We only were able to get a few ants, but during recess, our neighbor Mrs. Calloway, caught a hornet for our classes to inspect. The kids loved it!

My kids are so into all things insects and they're eating up everything we're doing! I love this time of year!!


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