We are having tons of fun at our school this week celebrating Read Across America (even if we did miss Sock Day yesterday because of the horrible flooding we're having!).
Monday was Hat Day and we read The Cat in the Hat. We did a little character analysis, then created these cute cats to go with our writing.

We also made a hat parfait {thank you pinterest}, which the kids loved!

Today was Wacky Wednesday and after reading the story, we used evidence to support that it really was a wacky Wednesday in the story. Then the kids wrote about something they thought would be wacky.

We also read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and graphed goldfish. Why do the kids do so much better when there is food involved? :)

The graphing pages are in my Crazy Cat pack that you can get by clicking the picture below.

I also just posted a new match it up center that focuses on rhyming words and can be used year round...click on the picture for details.
I'll pick 2 lucky ducks tomorrow morning to send this center to...just leave me a comment and tell me your favorite children's book {and make sure you follow my blog!}.

Now, hop on over to Stephanie's blog to see the other awesome bloggers who are celebrating reading this week {and trying not to break copyright law... :) }.

Is it just me or does it seem like the weekend just flies by super fast? I have all these great intentions of getting things done and I end up taking a nap on the couch with my little one! I did manage to update an old pack for you...say hello to the Crazy Cat {click the picture to see more}!
This pack has language arts and math centers to help you celebrate reading next week as well as a goldfish graphing activity and ooey gooey science experiment. If you purchased a pack similar to this last year, you should be able to go to your purchases and download the updates.

In other news, we finished up our presidents unit by learning about George Washington.

We read an informational book and created a circle map with facts we learned. We attached them to our cute TLC art projects.

Ugh...I could not get this picture to turn! Sorry!
We also played a flip the quarter game to practice graphing {you can get it here for free}. The kids were so excited that they got to keep a quarter!
That's it friends. I'm off to make jello for the kiddos so we can make a special snack tomorrow. Here's to a great week!
We've been busy this week learning all about 3D shapes and my kids are doing really well with remembering the names and attributes of each shape!
We started by listening and singing this song...my kids are OBSESSED with this Harry Kindegarten songs! They beg me to sing this everyday!
Then, we used some manipulatives to create an anchor chart about the shapes.
We sorted examples of real world 3D shapes.
You can get this page here as a freebie :)
We used our manipulatives again to determine which shapes will roll, slide, and stack.
You can get this page here for free also :)

I think the best part of our week was when we got to eat 3D shapes...this really helped the kids learn the names of the shapes!

I hope you are able to use the freebies and in case you need an extra activity for President's Day {or money}, I have updated my Flip That Penny graphing activity to include all the coins. You can get it here as a freebie on TpT.
We have an inservice day tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get lots done. Happy almost Friday!
We are having a ton of fun this week learning about our famous presidents and our nation's symbols and landmarks. I feel like there is so much to cram in and I'm pushing it to fit everything!

I had to have a sub on Monday, so these two activites from DeAnne were perfect to leave for my kiddos. They loved their book!
You can get these in DeAnne's president pack here
Yesterday, we talked about what an election is and what qualities make a good president. Then, we wrote about why we would make a good president.

Today, we learned all about Abraham Lincoln. We worked on a bubble map about Lincoln together and the students had their own that we attached to our cute Lincoln portraits.
This is a TLC art activity and the bubble map can be found in my Presidents Pack on TpT. 
We also read Abe Licoln's Hat and talked about what we would keep in a hat if we had one.
Some of us were a *little* imaginative
We've also been doing lots of fun presidents themed workshops and math centers

Working on beginning and ending digraphs

Practicing short vowel word families
Beginning blend practice

Working on addition and subtraction {especially recognizing the signs!}

1 less and 1 more than a number
Adding a number to 10
Tomorrow we'll be learning about George Washington and I'll be back with some 3D shape freebies we've been using :)
Also, congratulations to Shelli Grissom who won my All You Need is Love giveaway!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
You can get the pattern for the hats here in Gladys' Raining Hearts pack :)
Is it me or do the kids act crazier at this holiday than any other? It has been wild in our class! We have managed to get some fun learning done though.
As promised, here are some pictures of what we've been doing in math...

We worked on decomposing the number 10 by rolling a number, putting that many hearts on our ten frame then writing the equation using the number we rolled and how many more would make 10.
We also worked on subtraction with this cute activity in which we "mailed" valentines to a friend and sang a cute song {that the kids loved!} then figured out how many we had left.
 We also worked on decomposing teen numbers into ten and a number more with candy hearts {we ran out, so we drew our group of ten hearts on the top}
All of these math activities can be found in my super sweet friend/teammate Deeanna's pack here.

We've also been doing some fun things in language arts...

We read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch and talked about how special Mr. Hatch felt when he received the special package and also at the end when his neighbors surprised him. Then, we each made a surprise valentine for a special person in our school and went to deliver them.
You can get this writing paper here on google docs

Surprising Mrs. Ruthie who works in our office

Surprising our next door neighbor and speech teacher, Mrs. Flowers
The kids went nuts over this! It was so cute to see them get so excited to give their valentine! It was also really nice to see the different people all around our school feel appreicated and remembered. Definitely a good lesson for the kids!
We also talked about nouns this week and made this quick chart. I do this every year because I think it really helps us learn that nouns are people, places, and things once we talk about what we love. We also did a writing activity with this that you can get on google docs here {I forgot to get a picture!}.

Last, we quickly read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose today and made our group and individual sequencing charts. The kids get so excited when we read a new sequencing book!
You can get this here in my new sequencing pack. 

That's it guys! I am worn out and am going home to this little sweetie to spend our first Valentine's together.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway {along with all the other awesome bloggers} here to win a pack of your choice!

Have some Valentine pics of your own to share? Go link up with Simpson's Superstars and then check out everyone else's. :)
We are knee deep in Valentine's in our class and we are having so much fun! We are doing all kinds of fun math from Deeanna's Valentine Math Pack and the kids are having a blast {check it out here}. I left my dang pictures at school, but promise to share them tomorrow. :)
 In the spirit of Valentine's, I am joining some of my bloggy buddies for a Valentine giveaway. I'll be giving away the item of your choice from my TpT store. All you need to do to enter is use the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Lastly, I finished up most of my new Spring sequencing pack just in time for Valentine's day and got it posted today. Click the picture to check it out:

It includes the following stories:
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick
Right now, it's only $2.50, but this weekend I will be adding The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Grouchy Ladybug and the price will increase. If you go ahead and buy it now, you will get the updates at no cost, which means you get 5 story sequences for only $2.50. Ok, enough of the sales pitch! :)
Now, go check out these awesome bloggers and make sure to enter their giveaways...I'm about to go enter myself :) Have a super great Valentine's tomorrow with your kiddos!

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