Presidential Fun

We are having a ton of fun this week learning about our famous presidents and our nation's symbols and landmarks. I feel like there is so much to cram in and I'm pushing it to fit everything!

I had to have a sub on Monday, so these two activites from DeAnne were perfect to leave for my kiddos. They loved their book!
You can get these in DeAnne's president pack here
Yesterday, we talked about what an election is and what qualities make a good president. Then, we wrote about why we would make a good president.

Today, we learned all about Abraham Lincoln. We worked on a bubble map about Lincoln together and the students had their own that we attached to our cute Lincoln portraits.
This is a TLC art activity and the bubble map can be found in my Presidents Pack on TpT. 
We also read Abe Licoln's Hat and talked about what we would keep in a hat if we had one.
Some of us were a *little* imaginative
We've also been doing lots of fun presidents themed workshops and math centers

Working on beginning and ending digraphs

Practicing short vowel word families
Beginning blend practice

Working on addition and subtraction {especially recognizing the signs!}

1 less and 1 more than a number
Adding a number to 10
Tomorrow we'll be learning about George Washington and I'll be back with some 3D shape freebies we've been using :)
Also, congratulations to Shelli Grissom who won my All You Need is Love giveaway!

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  1. I'm so excited I won! I love your products!
    Shelli Grissom


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