Plants {In Pictures}

I can't believe how quickly the end of the year is flying by!! I have all kinds of lists with things I/we still need to do and there are only 11 days of school left! Everything is so hectic this time of year, but we've been squeezing in some fun this week when we can learning all about plants.

First, we talked about seeds and brainstormed all the things we could think of that come from seeds...
Then, we planted bean seeds in bags and put them in our little greenhouses {I've done this every year I've taught and originally got the idea from Little Giraffes - love her stuff!}

We read lots of stories about plants and made a little impromptu tree map...
We also talked about the life cycle of a plant and how it grows and made a big organizer together then each student made their own {from Caitlin's awesome Plant unit}...

This afternoon, we talked about the parts of a flower and labeled our big class flower. Then, each kiddo made their own flower diagram with labels...these cute cupcake liners came from Wal-Mart (the cake decorating aisle)...

Just for fun, we made these big flowers to hang from our ceiling. Does anyone else have a space problem? We literally have no where other than the floor for things to dry...

In math, we're working really hard on subtraction. Usually it's super easy for my kids, but this year it's giving us trouble. We've been using seeds to help us! You can get the subtraction page along with others here {Freebie! :) }

We've also been using some of my Spring centers during workshops...

Now I'm off to start getting copies made for our awards day! I'm using Reagan's candy awards  again this year and can't wait for the kids to see them!


  1. Hi Vickie Your seed activities are fantastic!! So glad I found your blog, I'm your newest follower!

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