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First, I want to let everyone in Oklahoma know how much they are prayed for and thought of by me and many others! I can't even imagine the devestation and heartbreak they are going through!

I've been a little absent from this blog lately thanks to this sweet baby cutting her first tooth...
Poor thing has been miserable and pretty much the only relief she got this weekend was being outside with a frozen washcloth in her mouth!
It's been crazy with all things end of the year {field trips, cumulative records, testing, field days, you know what I'm talking about!}, but I have managed to snap some pics for Instagram here and there to document what we've been doing. If you're not on Instagram yet, go get an thing ever!

My kids love playing our Teamin' Up game to practice fluency. It's a super easy and super quick way to work on fluency. Give a few kids the big answer cards and everyone else an equation and they 'team' up according to their answer. This is in my Fun with Fluency pack that I updated this weekend. If you already have it, make sure to go download to get your new activities!

  Speaking of fluency, my kids are loving these quick review pages I've been using as morning work. They love being detectives and are so happy when they find all the equations!
Yesterday, we planted our grass heads and it was scorching outside {I'm pretty sure they had fun although they look a little miserable!}. I hope we get to see our grass before the end of the year!
 We've also been working on our memory books. In the chaos of the end of the year, I love seeing the kids work on these and reflect on the year. Makes me happy/proud/sad all at the same time. These are in my Looking Back pack that I also updated, so be sure to get the new version if you already purchased :).
Last, I posted this poem last year that I will give to my kids at our awards day again this year. It's one my first grade teacher gave me and I still have my ditto copy from way back when! Click the picture below if you'd like to use it for your kiddos.

I'm pretty sure the rest of our week is going to be crazy since our school has field days for the next 3 days!! I'll be cramming in some FAIR testing and assessments in between and hopefully finishing our memory books.
Make sure to check out #teachertalktuesday on Instagram and go check out Michelle's tutorial this week over at Apples and ABCs. Also, a little shout out to my friend Tessa for getting me a Pin it button on all my pics {I'm super technologically challenged!}. If you're on the look for a blog design, be sure to check her out!!


  1. I agree- Instagram is a lot of fun! Your little one is a sweetie!
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  2. Thanks for the shout out! Love seeing your cute baby! :)

  3. I love your math activities with number sentences! The end of year poem is so sweet!

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