Sorry for the lack of posting this week! When I left Monday, I didn't feel very well and when I woke up Tuesday, I was running a dang fever of 101! I never get sick and was so mad/sad/aggravated...and the crud kept me out of school for 3 days. Ugh. Luckily, my BFF at school Deeanna helped my sweet sub out and the kids got to do lots of fun St. Patrick's Day things.
When I came back today, the kids walked in to find our room had been trashed! They went crazy and immediately said it must have been a leprechaun!

We managed to clean things up and found a note from the leprechaun. We decided to make a little trap then go around school looking for him. When we got back, we didn't find a leprechaun, but we were able to find his treasure!
Anxiously waiting to see if we caught him

Our "gold"
Before we went looking for the leprechaun, we read a story called Looking for Leprechauns and wrote about what we would do when we found the gold. We attached our writing to our rainbow pots of gold.

We used our gold we got in the leprechaun's treasure to practice making teen numbers with a group of ten and a number more.
Happy St. Patrick's Day from us to you!

What did you do to celebrate in your classroom?


  1. Super cute! Love all the mischief that went down in your classroom! Hope you are feeling better! So lucky to have a great friend to have your back!


  2. I love your leprechaun treasure! This looks like so much fun! I also have a student name Aaliyah! That caught my eye. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! I am a new follower!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. So precious! Thanks for sharing, Vickie!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten


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