Plenty of Penguins!

This week we are learning about penguins and my kiddos are loving it!
We started yesterday by talking about what we already knew about penguins. Then we read an informational book and added our new learning to our chart.
{Thanks to Sarah at First Grader At Last for our chart inspiration}
Then, we watched a short little video and worked together to create a tree map about penguins. We made some cute penguins to hold our tree maps.

This can be found in my new pack I posted here.
Today, we read Tacky the Penguin and thought of words that described Tacky. Then, we made these cute Tacky crafts {thanks to Tammy at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten for the pattern} and wrote about Tacky.
We've also been using penguins in math to make things a little more fun. Yesterday, we practiced decomposing teen numbers into a group of 10 and a number more. For the whole group activity, the kids had white boards and wrote the equation while we acted out the problem.
We had a group of 10 penguins on our Promethean board

And another group standing on our "iceberg"

After our whole group activity, we each did our own to help us practice making those tricky teen numbers!
Today, we worked on decomposing ten. We used our iceberg again and we pretended to be penguins on our ten frame iceberg. Then, we had to figure out how many more penguins we would need to make 10. Once again, during the whole group lesson we used our white boards.
They loved being the penguins!

We also did an individual activity.
All of the math activities can be found in a new mini pack I posted today along with the craft and writing. Click the picture below to see more. Hope you're having a great week!


  1. What fun math activities!! Cute penguin too!

  2. My kidddos love love love penguin activities as well:) www.

  3. This week we are working on letters Gg and Ww and the number 19 and review of the 12 sight words we have learned so far.

  4. It's too cute! I love them on the iceberg!

    The Daily Alphabet

  5. 2 digit addition without regrouping, penguin research projects, and beginning/final consonant blends.

  6. We did penguins a week ago, but I could always save it for next year.
    I love your blog and products. I am teaching my heritage this week Chinese New Year and 100th day of school. Lots of activities this week. Hope I win.

  7. This is just perfect. We love us some Tacky-too cute! Your kiddos look like they are loving every minute!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  8. We are learning about penguins to introduce informational writing! I would love to win! We read all of the Tacy books last week. The kids love them!

  9. Awesome! What did you have your kiddos write about for the Tacky project?


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