Celebrating Columbus, 7, and a Little Fire Safety

This week, we have been learning all about Chistopher Columbus, which isn't the easiest person for kindergarten kiddos to learn about, but the kids have done a great job!
We watched a video on United Streaming then read a short biography and completed a circle map together
Student version of the circle map...you can get it here.
We attached our circle maps to these super cute Columbus crafts...thanks Kim Adsit!
The kids loved these!!
We made Columbus' three ships with our handprints and labeled them. This idea came from pinterest, but I cannot find where the original idea came from. Anyone know?

We practiced our sight word the and stretched the word had {ignore the sail at the bottom...it fell off of another}
We've also been celebrating fire safety week and using firemen to help us learn about the number 7.
We practiced adding one more until we had 7 firemen on our ten frame

We sang Deeanna's Brave Firemen song to work on decomposing. You can see the song in her fire safety pack here.
Making equations
This also came from Deeanna's pack (she used paint instead of paper). It helped us practice our counting.   


  1. How stinkin cuteee! Looove your bulletin boards, and your kinders did an amazing job! :)



  2. Those little Columbus people are pretty cool!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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