More 5 Little Ducks

I'm sad to say that I left my camera cord at school, so I have no pictures for you. However, I wanted to quickly share an activity we did today that the kids loved {and so did !}. We used fuzzy sticks and 5 yellow beads to represent the 5 little ducks from the poem we've been doing all week. We manipulated the beads while we reenacted the poem and wrote our equations each time, while focusing on the decomposition of 5. It was so much fun! This activity as well as the one we did earlier in the week came from my friend Deeanna's common core pack that you can get here:

I'm off to Birmingham this weekend for our first baby shower and am soooo excited! I'm also super excited that we're starting out apple unit next is always one of my favorites and I can't wait to make applesauce with my kiddos. If you're needing some centers and activities for your apple week, you can check out my apple pack here:
Happy Friday everyone!


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