Apple Week - Day 3

We had more fun today celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday and learning all about him. We read a non-fiction story and discussed how it was different from a fiction story, then listed three facts we learned about Johnny Appleseed. I had mine big on the Promethean board to help the students since we're not *quite* ready to do a writing activity like this on our own. You can find the graphic organizer in my apple pack on TpT.

We made these cute Johnny Appleseed faces to hold our organizers (thanks to A Cupcake for the Teacher!).
We also did more with our 5 Red Apples song during math. We used apples (beans spray painted red) and a tree to decompose 5 and write equations. The kids are getting so good at this and they loved getting out the white boards! I really like to use the white boards so that all the kids are engaged and not just sitting while others do something

In case you need the song, here it is (I have no idea where it came from originally - I have been using it since I started teaching 9 years ago!):
5 red apples hanging on a tree
The juiciest apples that you ever did see.
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And 1 little apple came tumbling down!

My kids love singing the song, so tomorrow we're going to do another activity with it in math. Hope all of you are having a great apple week!


  1. Oh my goodness, you are doing great with apples! It is not my favorite unit, so I must say that I am doing the minimum!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. What fun! The "apples" on the tree is cute. Our kinders sure aren't ready for decomposing numbers. We're working on shapes and sorting in math. How do the kiddos who aren't ready for that do with it?

    1. Hey there!
      We actually start the year with numbers and do one number a week, so we start decomposing from the first week. Because we are able to spend so much time on a number, the kids do really well with the decomposing. I do have a few that it is over their heads, but because we do so much hands on in our lessons, they can usually follow along and whatever they pick up, I'm grateful for. We are not expecting mastery at this point, but basically just doing beginning concepts. After we finish our numbers, we'll go back and go in depth with decomposing and expect mastery. Does that make sense?

  3. Looks like your kids are having so much fun with apples! I love fall and the yummy apples. Now, if it would just get a bit cooler down here!



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