In The Swing Of Things

With only 7 days of school under our belts (we were out yesterday for Isaac and of course it was sunny all day and rained when we went back today), I am very impressed at how well my kiddos are adapting to our routines and procedures. They are really doing a great job and we are getting a lot accomplished!

The literacy centers above can all be found in my TpT store: 

I hope your back to school is going only complaint is how swollen my feet are! Any moms out there who teach have any good remedies for keeping the swelling down while being very pregnant and on your toes all day with kindergarten kids??


  1. Love all the activities you did this past week. They looked like so much fun!

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  2. Are the 5 senses activities available on TPT? I looked but didn't see them so thought I'd ask. I love the bag activity!


    1. Hey Michelle,
      I do not have any 5 senses stuff on TpT. The bag activity was actually my friend Deeanna's and you can get it here for free

      Thanks so much!


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