Leprechaun on the Loose!

First, let me thank each of you for all your sweet comments and prayers for my husband. We appreciate each one of them more than you know! We got a good report from the doctor and got some answers for some issues he's been having.
Today was a busy day in kindergarten!

Happy Friday!! If you're needing some language arts or math centers for the next few weeks, check our my Easter pack here. :)


  1. The leprechauns will come and visit our classroom this weekend. We have a new principal this year and we were told that we couldn't do this leprechaun stuff. People just don't understand all of the learning that can happen from doing this "stuff." I just couldn't abandon the whole idea, so I set out a trap and the leprechaun will make a mess and leave us some treasures over the weekend.

    1. Awww...that's so sad! It's not just stuff! I think sometimes people forget that they are only 5 and 6 years old! It's ok to have a little fun sometimes, plus I was able to make some teachable moments! Hope your kids love it!

  2. I want those little gold nuggets! So cute!!!

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