Rhyme Time and Big Sale

We are having so much fun with all of our Dr. Seuss activities!

I am also so excited about my St. Patrick's Day pack I just posted to TpT. It is my biggest one yet and covers TONS of common core standards. You can click on the picture to see more. :)
I finished it just in time for this! Don't forget to stock up and save tomorrow! Happy Leap Day! Click below to get your savings!



  1. Love these!!! I'm so glad I came across your sweet blog! I'm your newest follower.

    Color Me Kinder

  2. Your St Patrick's day kit looks like a lot of fun!

    I saw your question about margins and powerpoint on what the teacher wants and thought I would help. With powerpoint - the margins are forced as it is created for use with a projector. If you switch to publisher it will allow you to utilize the full page. Using publisher is very similar to Powerpoint. If you can use one, you can use the other. You just do not have any pre-made slides like in powerpoint.

    Mrs Poland
    Think, Wonder, & Teach


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