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I was super surprised and happy to receive an award from 4 awesome bloggers! Thank you to Lil' Country Kindergarten (thanks also to Marlena for making me a blog button!!), A Rainbow of Teaching, and Let's Teach Something for awarding me:
The Versatile Blogger Award rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to them. Thanks to all the ladies mentioned above...I'm just happy someone is actually reading this blog!!

2. Tell 7 things about yourself

1. I have wanted to teach kindergarten for as long as I can remember. I can remember telling my 1st grade teacher it's what I wanted to do and I never changed my mind! In high school, I mentored under an awesome kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Shelley, and I continued going to her classroom throughout college during my breaks. She really is the reason I love kindergarten and why I think I try to be creative in what I do.
2. I have the most awesome family in the whole world. They all (husband, mom, sister, grandparents, aunt, cousins, inlaws) do so much for my classroom and I can't thank them enough!
3. I left the VERY small town in south Alabama I lived in growing up to go to college at Samford University in Birmingham, where I knew NO ONE! It was the best decision I ever made. I met the best friends in the world and went to the most AMAZING education school. Seriously...if you want to be teacher, go to Samford.
4. I am a clipart and font junkie. It was a joke in college that all of the girls and I in my education block could tell you exactly what font something was in and which computers on campus had that font!
5. I have been very lucky during my 8 years of teaching to have worked for 2 wonderful schools. I started near my hometown (but over the border in Florida) for the first 5 years, where I was the baby of the teachers for a while and inherited about 10 other moms. I then left and taught 2 years in Louisiana and worked at another wonderful school and met great friends (FYI - a lot of parishes are great to work for there and have TONS of great technology, which I miss!). After not thinking I was going to teach this year due to my husband being in a very bad car accident, I was blessed to have the opportunity to come back to my first school in Florida, where we could be close to our families.
6. I am a major blog-stalker and because of all the great blogs I read, I finally decided to start my own.
7. I couldn't think of a last one, so I asked my husband something interesting and he said that I like sports, which is very true! I will watch ESPN, football, baseball, etc. even when he's not an NFL player and I can probably tell you the team they play for :).
Wow...that was a little bit long..sorry!

3. Pass this award on to 12 other newly discovered blogs and let them know they received an award.

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I would also like to thank Stephanie from Kinder Kiddo for giving me this award:

Thanks again ladies and go check out the blogs I listed...they have some great ideas!


  1. Congrats on your award :) I love the template of your blog, it is adorable :)

    Lisa :) (new follower)
    Made in the Shade in Second Grade

  2. Thanks Vickie! About to go follow suit and repost. Thanks so much for the Pinterest-turned-blog friend! ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  3. HC says Thanks for the Shout-Out. Oh, and she is trying very hard to say "Auntie." We are about 80% there.

  4. I'm loving your blog! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten


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