The Mitten

Whew!! Last week was a whirlwind!! My little one started daycare the week we came back to school and of course last week, ended up sick and out of "big girl school" the whole week! Luckily, she finally started feeling better this past weekend and was able to go back to school yesterday. I'm praying we make it through this month with no more sickness!
{Even sick, she still loves her books!}
In class last week, we talked about animals in winter and focused on the book The Mitten, by Jen Brett. This is one of my favorites! Of course, we sequenced the story together after we read it, and then the students did an independent sequencing {that I forgot to take a picture of!}.
{You can get the whole group and individual activities in my Winter Sequencing Pack}
As usual, we tied in our story to math and the kids loved all of the activities. {Most of these are from Deeanna's Mitten Pack}.
We worked on decomposing teen numbers into a group of 10 and some more by using a clothesline that only had 10 pins. I dropped a group of mittens on the floor and two kids hung ten mittens on the line. Then, we counted to see how many were left on the floor. We wrote equations to figure out how many mittens we had alltogether.

We also worked on the same skill by singing a song about Grandma Baba's mittens. We started with a group of ten, then added a certain number more to the bottom and wrote the equations to figure out how many mittens we had.

I think the thing my kids loved most last week was measuring each other with mittens. They did a great job lining the mittens up, making sure we started at the person's feet, etc. It was a hoot!

We also read The Hat, by Jen Brett and sequenced the story together and independently. You can get this here as a freebie {I didn't have a goose/gander, so I used a duck!}.

To add to our winter animal fun, we read Bear Snores On and made these adorable hibernating bears from sweet them!

This week we're on to penguins and we're already having so much fun!


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