A Little Positivity

So, I've lacked a little in the blogging department lately, but y'all, it's just so dang hard to sit at the computer when the weather is so gorgeous outside!! {Sorry northern friends!} It's been so spring-like here and we are soaking it all in! Side note  - I can't get over these overalls from Target!
Yesterday, I shared a picture on social media of some quote posters I was working on for my principal and y'all wanted them as a freebie, so I'm delivering! I work for an awesome administrator and she's always trying to make our work environment positive, so when she asked me to make some little quote posters for her, I was happy to help! She and I found some of our favorite quotes, then I had them printed at the UPS store, backed them on black cardstock with photo splits, and trimmed them.

Another way we've tried to bring positivity to our school is with this Staff Shout-Out board I made back after Christmas. So often we get caught up in everything negative and lose sight of the positive things people are doing every day. This board is a place for our staff to shout-out someone who has helped them or done something positive for our school. I love going by to look at who has been shouted out! And for all of us who love words of encouragement, it's perfect {I mean, who doesn't like getting a little positive note??}

As you can see, I made little shout out slips to write on, but a post it works just as well! Anything is fine when you're lifting someone else up! We keep the slips in a little bag in our mailbox area...nothing fancy!
If you'd like to set up a shout out board at your school, click below for the pieces. :)

If you would like the quotes for your own classroom or school, click below :)

I truly hope you can use these...let's bring some positivity into our schools!


  1. Thank you for the poster, Vickie! I love the gold, and every single quote is perfect! Gives me chills!

    One Sharp Bunch

  2. These are so gorgeous! Thanks so much! :)

    Tara West

  3. Thank you so much! How awesome that your administrator asked you for these ideas. The overalls are precious, too! Jen :)

  4. You are not a slacker at all!!! I've got spring fever that's as bad as the kids!! I love the quotes, and they may just find their way around my school, thanks!!!

  5. Can you pleeeeease send me an editable quotes poster template? I would love to make even more for my school :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful quote pictures. I can't wait to hang them in my classroom

  7. I work in educational administration and we were looking for something to spruce up our conference room - I used about half of this freebie packet and we just love the look. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I would like a jpeg copy of these how can I get that?


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